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Anti Virus & Firewall info.

Some Antivirus and Firewall Software may interfere with the test results !


The Trojan detection !

Some AntiVirus Software may detect this software as a Trojan/Virus/Malware, this is just a false positive. Rest assured with the fact there are no viruses/trojans/malware etc or anything else of this nature. False positives happen because I programmed most of JDast with AutoIt which often does cause this problem. For this reason iv added an alternative ZIP download, below, which can cure the false positive problem when downloading the installation file, this does not help if you are getting a virus warning whilst installing or running JDast.

If your getting the download flagged as a potential threat try this zipped installer instead.

Alternative ZIP DownLoad

More info on the scripting language im using & why it does sometimes cause this problem :-


Please check the SHA1 of your installation file against the SHA1 text just below the download link (on front page) and as long as they match there is no possible problem of infection even if you do get a false positive from you AV software. (I do not supply a SHA1 for beta's as they get updated quite often)

As soon as I release a new version of JDast I initiate a white-listing procedure with AVG, Mcafee, Symantec, Eset & a few others. It does take quite a while for them to complete there testing and to white-list Jdast.
I would do the white-listing before I upload the new versions but unfortunately some of these companies need to be able to see & download JDast from the web site that it will be available to the public on, so I have to upload it before I can get it white-listed.


I am now finally in communication with Eset, i will post the outcome of there procedures asap.

2012_07_09 (Update)

were finally starting to get somewhere. I have just has a response from Eset and some others this morning. I shall post a few responses as i receive them :-

If anyone does get a false positive detection it would be really helpful if they could submit it to there AV company themselves. This would help out all others who might see the same FP from the same company as well as putting your own mind at rest.



08:54 09/07/2012

Just to update you our samples team have come back to me today and confirmed the detection is a false positive (although I am sure you already know this) and the issue will be resolved in our next signature update which should be 7282.

Apparently the most efficient way to submit samples is through your local distributor (due to having higher priority over end-user) so you can either email me and I will forward them on or email supp***@eset.co.uk and one of my colleagues will assist.

Kind regards,

Gareth *****
Customer Care Engineer - ESET UK

p: 0845 ****** - Opt 3 (Support)     f: 0845 ******     e: g******@eset.co.uk    w: www.eset.co.uk


08:32 09/07/2012

Hello Greg,

All detections of your new installer will be closed today.

Thanks for informing us.

Best regards,
Oleg V. K****                            mailto:f*****@anti-virus.by


06:32 14/06/2012


We are writing in relation to your application through Symantec's on-line Software White-listing Request form for your software JDs Auto Speed Tester.

Symantec has decided to add this software to its white-list.

The white-list is used in internal quality assurance processes and also by the cloud for some products.

This inclusion should reduce the possibility of false positive detections by Symantec products, but Symantec cannot guarantee that false positives will not occur.


Symantec Security Response


30/06/2012 15:06


Thank you for your report.

The false positive was removed and should not occur any more after our next
database update. For your further reference, you can send the false positive
report to ****@emsisoft.com. We're not provide FTP account for false positive

To minimize the risk of false positive we suggest you to digitally signed
the executable files.

Best Regards,

Arief P*****
Malware Analyst


If anyone can inform me how i can get JDast through all these generic detections and be whitelisted without me having to submit every update to the AV companies one at a time or buying a digital license that costs hundreds i would love to here from you. I will look into what options are open to me when i get a chance but until then im open to suggestions.


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