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Firstly Check & Double Check your Firewall & Anti-Virus !

I have noticed that on very rare occasions the windows firewall does not come up with the popup notification for you to click allow Jdast through. Please check your personal firewall and/or Any Antivirus programs to make 100% sure

  • C:\Program Files\JDAST\JDAutoSpeedTester.exe
  • C:\Program Files\JDAST\Upload_child.exe
  • C:\Program Files\JDAST\ftpupload.exe

Have full access to the Internet and are not being blocked in any way.

Note :- Path "C:\Program files\" may differ on your system.

WAN Detection fail !

It looks like the bbc.co.uk has turned off their response to pings !

What you will need to do:-

  •     Please turn off the WAN detection in the configs on the ping tab (at bottom).
  •     Change your ping test url in the configs to something other than the default bbc.co.uk

This lack of a ping return from the BBC.co.uk is also causing a nasty little glitch on the main GUI of JDast , it locks up for 3 seconds every minute ! this is my fault as i hard-coded a WAN check to the bbc before JDast checks for updates so if you have your auto-update set to "on" in the configs it will hang for 3 secs trying to check there is an internet connection by pinging the bbc. I could advise turning off the auto-update checker but then if we ever could fix all this and release an update you would not know.

JDast was closed as a project quite a few years ago now and unfortunately i cannot release an update to the files without a whole load of anti virus problems. I would have to submit the update to every individual AV company and some of them i had real trouble contacting which was why i stopped development in the first place.

Sorry i cant help more but im surprised it lasted as long as it did as i ended it before win8 was released.

EDIT 2016_01_14:- It looks like we will be able to release an update to fix this after all. We are working on it now and as soon as it has been whitelisted with the anti-virus & malware companies i shall release the update. Its lucky that techsupportalert.com have put a lot of work into this exact problem (individual whitelistings) and created a very help page to help.  http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-report-malware-or-false-positives-multiple-antivirus-vendors.htm


The Trojan False positive Detection !

If your worried because of a virus detection please read here http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/anti-virus-info.html

Class Not Registered Crash (Window 8)

If you get this error after installing or updating please just restart jdast and it will not happen again.

The problem is the installer needs to upgrade the privileges so it can write the files to your programfiles directory but then after the installer has finished it runs jdast also in elevated mode which causes a problem when it tries to open a URL in your browser. A JDast restart runs it in "normal" mode which does not have this problem.

This only affects windows 8.

Rough looking Fonts on bottom of graph on XP Or fonts overshot the bottom?

If your using XP please make sure that you have Clear Type fonts switched on !

This will remedy the terrible way the time/date x axis line looks on XP.

How to turn on Clear Type :-

Right click on a blank area of the Desktop and choose [Properties]
Click on the Appearance Tab; Click Effects
Check the box: Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts
In the drop down box select: Clear Type

The over-shoting / Over-large font problem is because of the use of windows larger scaled fonts.

I might be able to fix this but its a major undertaking as i would have to rewrite much of the code to "fit-in" the larger fonts.


Odd, no or higher than should be results ?

If you are getting oddly high upload speed results you should try switching to use the adapter hook measurement method. Please tick the "use adapter hooks .." tick box and select your correct network adapter.

These settings are found at the bottom on the general tab of the configurations.

Please bare in mind that if you are using the adapter hooks to monitor your network adapters then it is going to measure any local traffic that may be present. If you know that there is likely to be LAN traffic then you should un-tick the "Use Adapter hooks" to revert to the default method that does not use data from your adapters.

There has also been some reports of an odd effect of "doubled" results (results that are approx twice as high as they should be) when using the adapter hooks switched ON, usually after an update of jdast. I have not been able to reproduce this effect or resolve it but it has been suggested that a computer reset does fix this problem.

If the download is not measuring accurately please check the servers you are using to test from, try running the "Scan entire test file URL list" to find better testing servers for your geographical location.

Why does the result numbering start at No.2 ?

The number one slot is used by other data, if you look at the “Display CSV” window you will see that the zero slot holds the maximum values for each column and the No.1 slot holds the header info for each column. I have thought about sorting this out but it would mean changing so many things in the script that iv never actually got around to doing it.

I keep getting the error message "Can Not Detect WAN or LAN connection" ?

There have been rear occasions where the LAN or/and WAN detection checks are failing. So I have introduced a switch to turn off the front end detection checks (WAN & LAN). They are found under the Ping/PKT/Jitter/IP tab of the configurations.

I'm not getting an upload test result ?

JDast now does have default upload testing :D. Make sure the "default" tickbox is ticked and then make 100% sure that any firewall you may have is set to allow JDast full access to the internet (see top of this page).

Although we do now have a default upload test servers you can still use your own servers for upload testing, just enter your info as normal.

As of version 17 i have had to force all other versions below to be required to be updated. This is because of what might have been purposeful abusive activity through JDast to our servers. So basically if your version is below 17 then please update.

I live outside the UK and don't get good results ?

I have included a handful of test files for you to try as your test file in the drop-down list in the configurations but if you are outside the UK you may well need to find your own test files that are closer to your location. You can use any downloadable file (or even better multiple files), you will just have to find what works for you. More info in the help file included with Jdast.

I have a corrupt Speed_test.CSV file, can I fix it ?

Firstly check in your documents\Speed_tester\Backups folder. Here you will find 10 backups of the main test file created from the last 10 tests you have taken. Just copy the newest one (check it is not also corrupt first) then paste it into the Speed_Tester folder and rename it to Speed_Test.CSV to make it into the replacement current data-set.

You can manually fix the file you just have to make sure it has the following format :-

Date & Time,DL Speed,UL Speed,Ping,Packet Loss,Jitter,Public IPCRLF
2012-03-27 12:52:57 : ,5014,411,29,0,2,
2012-03-27 13:48:43 : ,3581,410,30,0,1,
2012-03-27 13:49:51 : ,4413,410,30,0,1,

There must be a last CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed) at the end of the last data point !

I would suggest using something like notepad+ so you can see the control characters but if you only have notepad then the proper format would look like this :-

Date & Time,DL Speed,UL Speed,Ping,Packet Loss,Jitter,Public IP
2012-03-27 12:52:57 : ,5014,411,29,0,2,
2012-03-27 13:48:43 : ,3581,410,30,0,1,
2012-03-27 13:49:51 : ,4413,410,30,0,1,

the "|" represents the "blinking" text cursor and shows the blank line created by the last CRLF.

Make sure there is only 1 blank line after the data !

Alternative date format, version 17.6 and after

You can also use the alternative format as shown below;-

Date & Time,DL Speed,UL Speed,Ping,Packet Loss,Jitter,Public IP,Unique ID,Notes
21/06/2012 10:13,1419,387,30,0,1,,NEWLAP_83812,noteCRLF




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