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As you are aware we produce and release software for free, We also provide you with a free upload server to use. We ask kindly that you help us to help you by making a small donation to help us with the costs of maintaining the software and keeping the upload servers online. In return we'll continue to provide quality apps and a nice little thank you on the bottom of the donations page.

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Very handy for monitoring and verifying when there's a problem.


Really useful tool, thanks


Very useful tool! Keep the good and free quality software.

Dennes Abing

Good App - thanks

Jack Debnam

Great program. Thanks

David Hall

Very useful tool to monitor my ISPs performance or lack thereof. Free FTP upload servers are easy to find and the supplied list of download servers is very helpful. With the tutorial even a layman can make this work.
Thank you!


nice, useful software - great for telling ISPs what the problem really is when they deny it!

roger hayhurst

Thank-you so much for this fantastic tool. To make it free makes you a true philanthropist.

Grateful Dave

works so well, good effort fella.

Paul Midgley

Sweet piece of software, really well thought out, nice GUI, plenty of features and great ways to visualise your data set. I'd say this software is fantastic but I have to go one step further by exclaiming it is indeed porntastic!


This is great for monitoring my ISP's performance (or not) & it has so many features. Great product.

Harry Broom

I'm not running in 2016 many applications I installed in 2011, so well done, a useful piece of software that just works. And over the past 12 months its been getting a workout. My previously stable ADSL connection has become at worst unusable, at best lousy, due to a noisy Solar Inverter up the street introducing noise (so I'm told). :( And as my Australian NBN rollout has been cut back from FTTP to FTTN so said Inverter will still be in play, no visible solution in sight. Final kicker? I'm on the boundry of getting access to NBN Wireless which has been tested to give me 80mb/s, the wrong side of the boundry! But, your software is recording the nightmare very nicely! :)


Good and useful work. Thanks.

Vijay Jawle

Great and user friendly software! Wish the upload thruput could be 'modernized', I see around 4Mbps while other apps show the real 20Mbps... Otherwise (for download and link quality) it is a dream ;-)

Svend Winsnes

Just testing it. Recommended by LH


Early days, but it seems to do what I want and offers reasonable functionality. Well done and many thanks.


Fantastic app! Keep up the great work.


Very useful.


great stuff, we operate a volunteer Hi Speed (from fibre) broadband to our rural community, Martley Worcestershire--this software is very useful to keep check on BT

John Nicklin

Great tool!


Thank you. Very useful tool.

Anis A

Thanks for fixing that WAN bug. I have found a better app than this one for monitoring our DSL speed.


Every little helps

John Omran

From an 'old' IT programmer in the '70s - keep up the good work & I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did. I lasted 40 years in the business!

Big PhilR

Thanks for a useful piece of software


Reliable tool to keep an automatic check on broadband speed and have figures to quote when putting in a complaint. Used it to good effect.


Excellent software - even the ISP engineers were impressed (concerned) when they saw that they were being tested continuously and their claims of a 300mbit guaranteed connection was a 'pipe-dream' :D

Alistair Wilson


Joe Curtis

Every little helps us all.

Phil Phillips

A great bit of software that helped me get out of my ISP contract early and go elsewhere. Keep up the good work.




Great piece of software really useful when you need it!

Chris Stanford

Well worth the money. Well done for making the program, it is a good 'un

C Thurlow

Well worth the donation


Thanks for this - Seems great so far Cheers

Dave Connet

Keep up the good work. Thanks

Dewey Yu

Wonderful software. A real treasure for people moving around in countries with unstable internet conections. I hope you could keep up the valuable work.


Great program. Helped convince our fixed wireless provider that the problem was the tower, not our antenna. Keep up the good work!

Prairie Gal

Many thanks for a great product. Sorry that it wasn't worth your while to continue developing it.


Thank you for your product. It help me document poor service for my ISP.

Rod Ammerman

Great software. Keep up the good work

Tony Bullard

Thank you for a unique and really-needed piece of software

Paul Brewer

Thank you

Jordan Barrett

Thank you for the amazing software!


Reliable, well-designed and you can't beat the price. Thank you!

Koen Van Overberghe

Great work guys!!


Excellent app. Does exactly what I've been looking for. Nice job.

El Jefe

Useful monitoring program, worked well for diagnostics


good logging programme.


Great Stuff! Thanks!


Look very nice and easy to understand.
Which it would had a option to have Netmon run at startup and have more then one Netmon running to monitor the second network plug built in today's computers.

Paul Haneline

An excellent tool for monitoring your broadband connection!

Kevin P

Thanks - Excellent piece of software for monitoring ISP performance :-)

SDSS Limited

Thanks for the speed tester and good luck.




An extremely useful tool, just brilliant, thanks a lot

Keld Orum - Petersen

Such a useful app.

Dave Ball

Great to be able to argue with BT with real numbers and backup


Excellent support. Excellent product. Helped me sort out problems with my supplier.

Keith, Wokingham. Berks

Simple to use like all great applications. It was crucial to my ISP accepting my claims of network issues. They have now promised to fix the issue or move me to a new DSLAM. Thank you.


Thanks for a very useful program.


Great program - thank you!

Dave Smith - Decatur IL USA

Fabulous little program, allowed me to shove it straight in the face of my broadband provider re the ppor download speed and quality, THANKS

Vic Wood-Ives

Brilliant app, keep up the good work, cheers.

Mick Rodgers

Very useful program to track broadband fluctuations with.

Graeme Rutherford

This is a nice little package for testing internet connection speed. The best I've found. Too bad I only found it after you'd stopped development. Still, I'll be using your work so I need to donate to the effort you put into the software's development.

Dana Jeffries



Great software to prove a point to the terrible BT openreach service

J. Taylor

Many thanks

Dave B

Good Job

Jean-Paul BERRY

Use this app regularly, glad to contribute

John Whyte

Excellent bit of kit!


Splendid SpeedMonitor

Eric Coomans

Merci !


The software rocks. Thanks for a great tool.


thank you.

jack wolverton

Great software...Thanks

Jon francis

thanks a lot!


Very useful app - I've been using this for some time now so the least I could do was support running and development costs.

Rob W

I'm running this very handy free utility 24/7, so the least I could do was donate!

Dave Burgess

Great app shows other issues other than just speed (although we confuse speed with throughput).

Harry Broom

I am Peruvian. Thanks you for the excellent JD Auto Speed Tester software. It is very good to control of the ISP's broadband velocities.

Andres Salas

Incredibly useful app. I think I donated many years ago, but the new version is even better again. Great work!

Dave Collins


Julian Maples

Jack Dinn's Auto speed tester is an essential tool for monitoring and logging Broadband performance.

Chris Salter

Thank you for such excellent software. A donation was the very least I can do! Thanks again. Brent.


your speed tester is a great help in resolving issues with ISPs!

peter van der heyden

I don't really absolutely 'need' to know what my net performance is like. But you know what? This program is simple and easy to use and gives me all the data I could want on that. If I was a power user the extra functionality and granular options being there I'm sure I'd really appreciate as well. A great program.

Stephen W

Great to be able to keep an eye on my network performance. Very useful tool.

Chris Wilber

Great program


Great product

John Wheable

Keep up the good work

Keith Reading

Just what I needed, thanks a lot.


Very pleased with this utility and only too happy to support it with a small donation.

Chris Wilber

Keep up the great work!


I just lost my lob (of 6 years), not having extra $ I still needed to donate! This is the first time I donated to any software. THIS IS AN AMAZING PROGRAM! YOU HAVE SOME AWESOME TALENT! SO PLEASE HAVE A DRINK ON ME! THANKS SO MUCH MAN!


Wonderful program, helps me keep an eye on my ISP thoroughly. Thanks


Your program enables me to keep my ISP delivering his promised speeds. No arguments !


Nice App

Tom Slonneger

Love the program. Something's wrong with forum registration, get "could not open socket" msg.

Scott Little

Great speed test utility!

Peter Rogers

Just what I was looking for. thanks


xcellent product

peter piper

Great software!


Super software, even better support ;-)
Keep up the good work


This is a really good piece of work! Congratulations and thanks !! Pat.

Pat Molloy

Great product. Keep up the good work. Just what I was looking for.

Darren Sweeney





You want this program if you really want to know what your ISP is giving you!

Stephen Eu

Very handy service


A pleasure to offer my 2nd donation.


great prog.

Ste Peters

Salt Lake City, UT USA Thank for the great software it has been very helpful


Thanks for this excellent program.

Henk van Aken

great software, thanks


It's been a great help recently when I had problems with my broadband connection.


Thank you so much for this great software.

Lee S

From El Dorado Hills CA - thanks so much for your software & server. Really great service!

David Sastry

Just about one of the best speed testers out there. I have compared it to other testers such as speedtest.net and the results are comparable but this piece of software gives you so much more info and you do not have to wait for any web pages to load up. Needless to say I have binned all the other testers that I had.
All the best


enjoying collecting the data I need.

David Norman

Lovely ! Just what I have been looking for. Now I can take on my ISP with real information. Well Done & Thanks.

Frank The Eel

Keep up the good work.

David Norman

Great piece of software - useful tool in negotiating with provider on broadband speed problems


A donation seems fair as I recommend this to all my clients with speed problems and included it in yesterday's blog [hyperlink not available] post.

Eugene Gardner

Very useful software


Been using your software for ages and like a complete donut, forgot to donate. So, here you go - it's not much I know but all I can afford at the moment :|

Anyway, your product helped me win a very long winded argument with BT about speed problems with my line.


Keep up the good work

Norbert Colpaert

Thought I better donate something for this great program to help it get better.


Thanks for a great application, your sapeedtest app does the trick

David H

Great utility. Even in NW Wisconsin USA, I use to monitor my home connection and recommend for all users that work from home. I have found that many users are NOT getting what they paid for. And many people don't even know how to check. This helps a LOT!


Great little piece of software

Stuart Barr

Living in Thailand, I have had problems with my ISP regarding the quality and speed of my internet connection. After installing JDAST, and showing the results to the providers technician, the change in attitude to my problem was dramatic ! I now have a stable connection that regularly delivers a consistent 40 > 50% of the capacity that I'm paying for ( 10M/1M ) which is very good for this country.



rudy artono

JDs AST is a very helpful Speed Tester Plus and a pleasure to use. There is just one little fly in the ointment in that it reports my packet loss as over 50% which I am sure is not correct. I think it should be 0% but I have just downloaded version 17.7 so I will see if this makes a difference. Keep up the good work.

Gordon Tate

Thanks, Never used anything so good :)


Excellent software that has proved enormously useful - please keep up the good work




Most helpful , many thanks.

bob the builder

Thanks needed this lovely piece of software


Brilliant peice of software thanks for this


Many Thx

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