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WAN detection fail ! ,

It looks like the bbc.co.uk has turned off their response to pings !

What you will need to do:-

  • Please turn off the WAN detection in the configs on the ping tab (at bottom).
  • Change your ping test url in the configs to something other than the default bbc.co.uk

This lack of a ping return from the BBC.co.uk is also causing a nasty little glitch on the main GUI of JDast , it locks up for 3 seconds every minute ! this is my fault as i hard-coded a WAN check to the bbc before JDast checks for updates so if you have your auto-update set to "on" in the configs it will hang for 3 secs trying to check there is an internet connection by pinging the bbc. I could advise turning off the auto-update checker but then if we ever could fix all this and release an update you would not know.

JDast was closed as a project quite a few years ago now and unfortunately i cannot release an update to the files without a whole load of anti virus problems. I would have to submit the update to every individual AV company and some of them i had real trouble contacting which was why i stopped development in the first place.

Sorry i cant help more but im surprised it lasted as long as it did as i ended it before win8 was released.

EDIT 2016_01_14:- It looks like we will be able to release an update to fix this after all. We are working on it now and as soon as it has been whitelisted with the anti-virus & malware companies i shall release the update. Its lucky that techsupportalert.com have put a lot of work into this exact problem (individual whitelistings) and created a very help page to help.  http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-report-malware-or-false-positives-multiple-antivirus-vendors.htm



Sorry but we have been affected by a cumulation of server problems over the last couple of days. We shall have it all back up and working again asap.


To anyone who noticed the whole server has been offline for 3 days now we express our sincere apologies. It seems the server hard drives decided to pack in and die and then even worse we almost lost all our backups for the site, forum and well just about everything.

However due to Rob's (Jimmy06) skill with the network we have managed to recover bits and pieces and rebuild the whole thing.

We hope everything will be ok as soon as we have finished correcting and re-coding all the corrupt parts.

Please bare with us.


The upload server is experiencing some very odd problems today. We are not sure what is happening but are working on it and it will be restored as soon as possible.


We are conducting a server migration today. Please excuse any disruption.


The Servers are currently being worked on throughout this evening, there may be some interruption of upload testing.

Please bare with us,



Unfortunately we have lost one of our upload servers.

Hopefully this should not affect any testing.


It looks like there is a problem with one of our upload servers at the moment which may cause problems with "every other" test  , please bare with us while we work on it.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at your end except change the upload test to your own servers.

We will get it sorted asap.


McAfee AV is picking up JDast again ! I have emailed them asking for a method to summit to them for whitelisting but they have not yet replied, i have tried to contact them before but although other AV companies are reasonably easy to deal with McAfee is particularly difficult.

I shall keep trying.

If you have not already, please read the AV info section of this site http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/anti-virus-info.html


The user accounts are broken atm, you cant login to the forum. Sorry about this but we were working on the cookie notification required by law in the UK.

Will be back up asap.


The upload testing has been the bane of my life for the past year or so, i thought i had fixed it a while ago but im still getting feedback that high speed connections are not being "max'ed out" . I have tested this on a local server and it all looked fine but i still keep getting reports of problem from people using fibre.

So I have added a new method of doing the upload. I have used an external exe that is executed by command line. This does seem to be much better at maxing out fast upload speeds.

The user has the choice which upload method to use.

I hope the will now enable proper upload testing on even the fastest connections.

This is still in beta at the moment but will soon be released.


It would appear the 123-reg made an error on request to add something called an IPv6 Glue record.  Instead of just adding the record they deleted the IPv4 records causing all IPv4 traffic to not resolve correctly.  This has been rectified at 12:00:22 27-Feb-2012 after convincing them they even made a mistake and will take 24-48 hour to propergate fully.

Where sorry for the latest string of issues and it should all settle down soon.


My apologies for the server being completely down for the morning. Unfortunately a problem came up that was beyond our control.


I have noticed that McAfee is now flagging jdast as a potential threat http://home.mcafee.com/VirusInfo/VirusProfile.aspx?key=810007#none

Although its just a generic low risk warning i may well add McAfee to my list of AV companies to contact.


Iv have noticed that the forums hosted by Broadbandhelper.co.uk is closed to new registrations again (although login by facebook, twitter & openID are still active), Its unfortunate but the problem is with to many spammers. So i have decided to create my own little forum and see how we go for spam, I shall be keeping a close eye on it though. Please come in and say hi Smile

The site template change is due to the forum not quite working properly with the old template.


I have today received a report that the child process launched by JDast to do upload tests (Upload_child.exe) is being flagged by AVG. I have submitted this file on its own to AVG to be white-listed. Should be ok once they white-list this file as it doubt it will ever change after the next update.


The new servers are now working properly.


Having major problems with a new dedicated server at the moment. The DNS may well take some time to propagate for everyone properly.

Still having trouble with the new servers, very intermittent upload connection. Its to late to look into it tonight but will be onto it tomorrow. Sorry about this but we do our very best with little to no money in the project.


It was decided that a proper domain name should be purchased for jdast and any other software i may wish to publish in the future so im afraid that another URL change has been made. Hopefully now that almost everything is all under the same domain it will not have to be changed again even if i change server hosting.


As you can see iv been working in conjunction with Rob to build a new web site, I hope you all like the change. As for the problems with the default upload servers they are hopefully all fixed now with the release of version 16.4


Unfortunately the default upload server providers have had to initiate an emergency migration as there suppliers have been forced to breach there contract and end the hosting service earlier than expected.
This means that the gathering of the public IP & the default upload testing will no longer work until this problem has been resolved.
P.s. The gathering of public IP will work after some time but takes a while to move on to the next source.
Sorry about this but its beyond my control and is being worked on as fast as possible.


Sorry but one of the default upload testing servers is down at the moment I am working on it as fast as possible.


Its looking like the test server “http://test.euroaccess.nl/” is down. Of course it may well come back at some time so I shall leave it in the default list for now. I only mention it as it was a good test server for the UK and I used it myself up until 2 days ago. Download testing servers come and go that's just the way things are.
Please, if anyone out there knows of any publicly available test files that iv not already included in my default list I would be exceptionably grateful if they could contact me.

Many thx.


I have recently noticed a handful of sites offering a portable version of Jdast & Im also seeing many sites offering hacks, cracks & patches for Jdast  (which is ridicules LOL).
I would strongly suggest that you do not download from these sites and I will not take any responsibility for any problems or infections caused by installing Jdast from these sources.


There has been a temporary problem with the default upload testing servers which may have caused the upload results to be inaccurate. It looks like it started at 09:00 this morning and continued until approx 17:00. This problem has now been fixed, I hope it did not affect to many people to much.

2011_03_22 ver 15.2

The TBB test files do seem to be getting quite unstable nowadays, Manually downloading there test files is often showing a much slower result than using there web tester ? I also noticed that the TBB web tester only tests your download speed by downloading for less than 3 seconds , surly this is not anywhere near enough time but thats there problem but it does still leave me wondering if I should leave the TBB files as the default.

2010_12_19 ver 13.5

The “default” test server is now back up again.
Many thx to Jimmy06.


Upload test server is down from 19:40 until further notice. Jimmy06 is having to make some alterations to the server.

2010_12_10 Ver 13.4

I have always been on the lookout for new download test locations. Now thx to willemijns and his hard work collecting just such info for his own speed tester I now have a decent list of HTTP addresses.  I have added them to the default drop-down list in Jdast. I do not guarantee that all of these links will work or will not be removed at some time in the future and also some may be capped but we now have a very good list to choose from. Please find what works best for yourself.
Many thanks go out to willemijns for the use of this collection of addresses.

Willemijns speed tester site :- http://www.willemijns.com/faqspeed.htm

Full list of new HTTP addresses :-


Thx to Jimmy06, JDast will soon have upload testing by default ! B)

Jimmy06 has offered his server as the host to JDast users upload testing so JDast users will not need to find there own servers to enable Jdast to test there upload speeds.

There will be some work i have to do before i can release the new ver of JDast, I have to :-

    * re-do the help file (it way out of date now and this just forces the issue)
    * Change the default upload settings in JDast.
    * update the web site.

Also im not quite sure what size test file i should set as default , im not sure what proportion of people have asynchronous or synchronous connections. if most people have bellow 1Mb/s up then i will just use a 1MB test file but that does mean that people with higher up speeds will need to change there test file to something a bit bigger (which i prefer not to do as i like it to just work straight out of the box for everyone) but with up testing i can only test the duration to upload a fixed file size. so i shall have to have a think on that.

Anyhow, Many thanks to Jimmy06 for the offer of the use of one of your servers to host this and i'm gonna also say thx from all the JDast users too (im sure they would/will say thx :D )


The ThinkBroadBand.com test file are now fixed and working again.


Looking like TBB have changed there info slightly to only limiting the over 100MB files so Jdast (set to default test settings) should be OK.


ThinkBroadBand test files "Temporarily Unavailable"  2010_07_06 19:00

Today the ThinkBroadBand test files have become "Temporarily Unavailable" ! So any testing done with the TBB files will show the red error box "Test file is to small"
I suggest while the TBB test files are down that you might try using this test file instead :-

[only if your using the testing method :- "Measure Quantity (Fixed test time)"]
Hopefully they will be back up and working asap.



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