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As I have had a major update to the scripting platform and have had a user who has had some problems with all versions after this update I have decided to keep an archive of previous stable versions of Jdast from this point onwards.

These old versions will probably not work for many different reasons. However you are free to try them.


Download :-

17.8   SHA1 6F55B6E250E598B872B8BB4C4F5AF34B7DBF4391

17.7   SHA1 73627414FD48256DFE78DD9CDF6B13AAB9C073A9

17.5   SHA1 C305111D6082FF8422CA375324C73B0A7B397460

17.4   SHA1 243BA8E75D66A6D43238A3CE1046B65F8158F660

16.6   SHA1 4F2D8DB263B30A7607ABFBE5F8C9D8B7AA586E71

16.5   SHA1 F9EA2C683EB5D2E663220927F8DEC9AA173BBF11

16.4   SHA1 68BC2EB3739B101B9E108FE23C0D7AA523BA614B

16.3   SHA1 C63957488E968458B26AA11F26F7527097262404

16.2   SHA1 FDF30438DD2542E820834B37F134DB9782B5F12B

16.1   SHA1 9C2E08604A5151F3BCBCCFDB1EF7B968C40A2DDB

16.0   SHA1 B2E2602DEFBC5637D427CA6C8D427D4BE1F06B9C

15.9   SHA1 F1D2EE14A299B1974C7093D26AF7BC0F63BA1A98

15.8   SHA1 F40A737AFE536174D717ACBA952668BB95C12BD7

15.7   SHA1 62630E651E1167D6452B6B69AF3987DAF0FC5470

15.6   SHA1 3846931E501A870318A128B95D06D364AEF90E97


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