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Main Window




The main window shows the graphical results of all the tests you have taken so far. On the left hand side there is the list view of the data displayed in numerical manner. The graph window is probably the main part of JDast, it shows coloured results of your test. A test that has a measurement of Kb/s is referenced against the left hand numbers marked Kb/s at the bottom, the results that are measured in milliseconds are referenced against the right hand side numbers. The only measurement that is different is the packet loss which is measured in percent and this does not have a scale but instead uses the top of the graph to represent 100% and the bottom to represent 0%


Averages Graph



This enables you to see what your Download speeds look like over the course of an average day. It will look at your entire data set (or selected range), pick out all the data for each hour and then find the average for all the download speed tests done during that hour. If you click on the blue buttons on the graph it will show a pop up window with a list of all the test results used for that average. The graph also shows all individual test results, the max & min values recorded within that hour.


Record of all data [csv file]



You can view all your data stored in the csv file by clicking on the "display CSV" button at the top of the main window. The actual csv file is stored in you documents folder under Speed_Tester, you can of course use this csv file in any way you might normally use any csv e.g. load in into Excel or any other program that can load csv type files.







The user has a lot of control over the application and can set many things up as they might require. I shall not go into each individual setting as they are all explained in the help file contained within the application itself, but the pics (ClickThumbnail to show magnification of each tab) should give you a good idea of some of what can be set up and/or changed.


Manual test results window



When you do a manual test you are presented with a result window. You can automatically save a JPG shot of this window to you documents/Speed_tester folder by pressing the "home" key.




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