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Welcome to JackDinn's

Automated speed tester (JDast)

Saturday, March 02, 2013


On the 03 March 2009 I was was asked if it would be possible to do something to take regular internet speed tests, log them and maybe even graph them as well, and at the time i had already been working on something for myself to do just that.

It was the fact that because O2 are having so much trouble with there non LLU service "access" that I and a lot of others were spending all day doing speedtests, posting on forums and phoning O2 CS (without much luck :( ). the trouble was that at peek times there is a massive dip in speeds and raise in ping times due to packet queuing (congestion) and so what most are doing is taking regular test results, screen shooting them and posting them of to O2.

So I started building JDast and over time it evolved into a the fully fledged program that you are now using.

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