Thx to All


Thx for the help testing to all who helped

(you know who you are )

A special Thx goes out to Jimmy06 for offering JDast users the use of his servers for upload testing & all the hard work that has gone into the new JDast site, This is greatly appreciated by both the users and myself.

Thank You Jimmy06.

My thx to Ashley and his web site Who have supported my development of this app from the very beginning, thx guys.

I wish to thank the people at for the default use of there test files :)

Thx to Ascend4nt of the AutoIt forums for his work on performance counters without which i could not have created the Netmon app.

Please provide feedback (even just a note to say it worked or not) as that’s all i ask for the use, visit the forum at and drop me a note :)

Any suggestions, advice, bugs or even a donation would be magic :)(no harm in mentioning :P )

thx all



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