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Remote JDast

This control enables you to have remote access to JDast data. This could be of help if you have set up jdast to run on a distant computer and wish to keep an eye on the data and can also be used to post the live "Tag" (the mini graph) to forums, emails, web sites etc.

Set up your FTP details , the folder/s you want to use and an identifier for the file names.

Switching Live tag, Live CSV or Live ErrorLog on will upload them to there assigned FTP location after each full test cycle. The CSV and ErrorLog go to the same folder.

The destination folder must exist or the upload will fail.

The file names are set by JDast but your file name identifier will be inserted into them so you can easily identify them. They will have the following format :-




You can access any of them from your server in any way you wish. The CSV file is saved as a .TXT so that it can be viewed directly from a browser.

Load Remote Data Set

There is also the ability to load any remote CSV's into a local JDast by using the menu "View other data-sets/Load remote data set".

This will download the remote CSV and load it into JDast so you can visualize it as if it was local.

To retrieve from a protected server you can use the following formats:-


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