Ping/PAK/Jitter/ip Tab

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Optional test switches

Here you can either turn on or off individual tests when doing either manual or automatic tests.

Test Location Ping, Packet loss & Jitter

This is the location you would like to use to test your ping, packet loss & Jitter.

Record Public IP

This will record your public IP along with each test.

Notify if IP changes

This will give you a red warning pop-up box notifying you that your IP has changed and what it has changed to.

IP Filtering

Here you can specify that certain IP's will be excluded from either testing all together OR excluded from just the averages graph & info but will still be tested and recorded.

This was added (by request) as it could be helpful with portable systems which you use to connect to the internet from multiple locations.

The dropdown list allows you to easily add any IP's already in your current data set (including your current IP).

To remove, edit or another way to add IP's is to manually edit the 2 list boxes. The format of IP's entered is basically as shown i.e enter IP and then press enter to go on to the next line where you can enter the next IP.

Iv done this setting this way so that you can copy a load of IP's and paste them straight in and it also lets you remove a whole load or all of them in one go.

Set Delay between pings

This is to help prevent ICMP flooding which some antivirus and/or firewall programs may try to prevent. The default is 30ms.

Front End Detection Checks

By default there are 2 checks done before any testing is started. The first checks that your computer has a connection to a gateway/router/modem. The second checks for a general connection to the internet.

Record WAN/LAN Failures

If this is switched on you will get a blank datapoint on the graph when your connection is down. The failure is still recorded in the error log.

Max Ping Measured = 1000ms

By default the max ping that JDast will measure is 1000ms ! The reason for this is that the ping/packettloss/jitter test can sometimes take a long time if I increased this default and most people would have pings well below this value.

This can be increased (although you would have to contact me to find out how as its not a part of the main configs).

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