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Run Test

This button is to run a single "manual" test. it will run the tests set in the configurations for manual testing.


See :- configurations

Display CSV

This enables you to see the whole CSV data set, You can "rubber band" an area of data to select it and then click copy to clipboard at the bottom of the window to copy the data.


See :- Display

Netmon (JDNetMonitor)

This is a small stand alone .exe that shows a graphical representation of your network adapters throughput. The Download is colored green and the upload red. There are a couple of settings that can be changed but they are pretty self explanatory.

Cycle Time (Mins)

Here you set how long between test cycles in minutes. This has a minimum of 10 minutes.


This button sends the application to the tray but keeps it running in the background.

Tray Icon

When the JDast icon is in the tray the app is running in the background at minimal memory. You can single left click on the icon to hide or show the main window, If you right click on the icon you will get many of the config options for quick access.

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