JDast Service Control

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JDast as a service

To run jdast as a service select the option "JDast service Control" under the main "menu" , you will get this service control window.

Do NOT try to install the service to an account that has no password.

You need to run the service as under a user account because jdast needs to have a "My Documents" folder to use for the CSV file.

Generally leave the user account name as it is, it will show the account you are currently on and should not need changing.

Fill in the password field for this account.

Click install service.

Click Start service.

If all goes well it should show the service status as installed and running.

If you get a status of "INTERMEDIATE" you should try pressing stop and then starting it again.

You can view the data collected by the service by running the normal jdast process.

Because there is no GUI for the service you change the configurations by running the normal jdast process and changing what you need there, then when your happy with your configurations run the "jdast service control" window and press "Refresh service configurations" (there is also an option to do this on the main jdast menu "Refresh Service Configurations").

Dont forget that you should NOT LEAVE the process running at the same time as the service although you can use the process to change configurations and view the data etc but you dont really want the two running tests over each other and possibly competing for other resources

As a service JDast will run even with no user logged on. It will use the "My Documents\Speed_tester" folder of the user account you set up for the service.

The service is set to automatic start up by default but you can change the settings in windows services, the service is named "JDast_service".

Dont forget your firewall may need to be set to allow "jdast_service.exe".

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