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The graph window is the main part of JDast, it shows coloured results of your tests. A test that has a measurement of Mb/s (Download & Upload) is referenced against the left hand numbers marked Mb/s at the bottom, the results that are measured in milliseconds are referenced against the right hand side numbers. The only measurement that is different is the packet loss which is measured in percent and this does not have a scale but instead uses the top of the graph to represent 100% and the bottom to represent 0%.

Y Axis Scale Control

To control all the Y axis you just need to click on the axis you want to interact with. Here you can set a fixed maximum for each or you can also set each axis to be automatically adjusted to the maximum value of the current data set. There is also a slider to magnify up and down for quick magnification.

On the download and upload axis controls there are extra tick boxs at the bottom - "Apply settings to AV Graph". This setting enables you to decide if you want the hourly averages graph's Y axis to mimic the setting you set here or if you want the averages graph max Y axis to be generated from the maximum value of the current data set.

i.e. If you fix the maximum Y axis to 10Mb/s on the main graph then the hourly averages graph will also be fixed to 10Mb/s max Y axis.

This setting does NOT apply to the little blue pop-up averages box, these averages are always based on the maximum of the current data set.

Also see :- Display

Time Scale Axis

The time scale shows the time each test was taken (start time, sometimes a test may take more than 1 minute). There is also a division mark showing the day number so that it is easier to see the data that belongs to each day and helps see where one day ends and the next day starts.

The main slider at the bottom of the graph (right side slider) will scroll the graph back and forth in time.

The left side bottom slider is to adjust the zoom function of the graph.


Hovering over any part of the graphed results whilst the JDast window is active will bring up a tooltip for that individual result showing the data values. A -1 result represents "NO Test", there was no test taken at that time.

Context menus

If you right click on the bars of the main graph you will get a pop-up context menu showing the options to :-

A result pic looks like this :-

This menu is also available on the side list view where you can also select more than one result at a time.

Legend Bar

You can click on the individual components of the legend bar to hide/show the graphic of each data type (DL, UL, Ping, PKl, Jitter)

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