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Getting the best from JDast

JDast is set up for the UK by default and so should not need changing if you are in the UK !

This is my suggested way to get the most accurate download & Upload test results at the least amount of bandwidth usage.


Testing with a single download test file is a very basic test, its using only the one host and is therefore subject to fluctuations on there end i.e. when they are experiencing very high loads your download speed from them may not be a true refection of your possible best download speed.

  1. First we are going to find the best test files for our personal location. Open the configs, click on the "download" tab, and click the button "scan entire test file URL list". At the top of the scan window set the "test duration" to 5secs and the "clipping time" to 2secs then click the "start/resume" button. This will scan through all of the test files available and show which are currently the best URL's at that time. They are hosted in many different countries so some will be good for you and others are not. This scanning process will take a few minutes to complete. If the first few tests show an error its because the first test files in the list are to small, just let it go on with the scan.
  2. When the scan is finished look at the top of the list of URL's and pick the top 3 (you'll have to take a note of them, copy paste to notepad). Then close the scan window.
  3. In the configs window on the download tab (you should already be there) make sure the ON/OFF button is set to ON and the button right at the top called "measure quantity (fixed test time)" is selected.
  4. Go to the bottom of this tab (inside the blue boxed area) and find the pull-down menu called "Add URL from main list". In the box directly below it select any URL's that may already be in it and click the "remove from testing list" button until the box is empty. Now click on the dropdown bar and find your top 3 test url (from the notes you made) and add them 1 at a time to the "single and multi URL testing" box.
  5. Now make sure the "multi-threaded testing" tickbox is ticked. If you want to test each of the 3 servers individually (one after the other) then you can un-tick this box but it will take longer to run the download tests & use more bandwidth.
  6. Set the "test duration" to about 4 or 5 secs and the "clipping" to about 2 or 3 secs.
  7. Click OK at the bottom corner.

Were done ! we have now set up the download testing for a best possible accuracy.


If you have a very high upload speed you might need to increase the "multi-threaded upload testing" value. This may help to "max-out" your upload throughput whilst testing.

If you do not have or wish to use your own servers then you can use our default upload testing servers, all you need to check is that the "Use Default Servers" tickbox is ticked.

If you do wish to use your own servers to upload test to then you can untick this box and then enter your servers information in the form.

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