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There are 2 different methods to do a download test.

Measure Time (Fixed File Size)

When you choose this method you are testing your download speed by downloading a user chosen test file of a specific size and measuring the time it takes to download it.

Main Test File URL

Here you can pick the http address where you would like to download your main test file from. The main test file is used unless your download speed drops to approx <1 Mb/s & then the Slow speed test file is used.

Slow Test File URL

If your download speed does drop below approx <1 Mb/s JDast will use this file to do the download testing.

Test Cycle Time Out

if something happens and the test is taking to long this setting will stop the test after the time in minutes set here.

Measure Quantity (Fixed Test Time)

When you choose this method you are testing your download speed by downloading for a user defined period of time and measuring the throughput.

Clipping (Sec's)

Sometimes there can be dips or spikes at the very beginning of a test. This can be due to many reasons, this setting will "clip" off the beginning of the download data stream to remedy this situation.

Test Duration (Sec's)

The duration that you want to run your download test for.

The longer the test is run the more accurate the results will be & also the larger your test files size might need to be.

I would suggest a reasonable time for this method is about 5 - 20 seconds.

Single and Multi URL Testing

Here you can pick the test file (URL) that you would like to use as your download test file. The whole test file is never actually downloaded & therefore its size is not required. However you do need to make sure that your test file is big enough to maintain its throughput (downloading) for the duration of your set test time.

Pick a large test file for this method as it only downloads the data required for the period of the test and no more ! so even if you have a 1GB file it will only DL for x secs at your current download speed & then stop downloading & delete the temp file.

If you add more than 1 URL to this list you will be testing in Multi URL mode. This means that each test url is tested in turn and the one with the best speed will be used as the measured result. It does NOT mean the download speed result is the average of all the tested URL's !

Multi-Threaded Testing

This tick box turns on "Multi-Threaded" testing, this is another method of testing from multiple test servers but does not use as much bandwidth as testing them individually would do.

What it actually does is download all of the test url's in your test list at the same time. It will calculate the quantity of data downloaded as the sum of the multiple files. This should keep you download speed "maxed out" even if one (or more) of the test files is going slow.

I would not advise using the same URL multiple times for this method as it did show some problems when code testing.

Edit Main Test File URL List

This window is the main way for you to add, edit or remove test file url's. You can also reset the URL list back to the default (just installed) list.

Scan Entire Test File URL List

This will scan through all the URL's in the "Main Test File URL List". It will scan each url in turn and show the results in a sorted order (highest result at top). This should give you a good idea of which testing url's are best suited for your personal testing situation. However this will only show you the situation at that specific period in time you should use the scan at different times of day and days of the week to get a really good idea of which test url's you might want to use.

The testing time and clipping time for each individual test is adjustable at the top of this window and will not make any permanent changes to your normal testing duration or clipping time, these apply just to this test URL scan window.

Note:- the first couple of test URL's are probably to small for the test duration and will show an error message, just let the scan cycle continue past these.

Benefits of each method

Measure Time (Fixed File Size)

Measure Quantity (Fixed Test Time)

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