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Options to adjust the way the graph looks and is set out.


There are 3 diffident types of layout.


Bar graph, Area graph or a Line graph.


GUI Colour

Change the colour of the whole of JDast, some colours are ok some not so much, but they were easy to implement so there in there.

Bar Colours

Change the colours of the bars/area/lines of the graph. Choose the colour you want assigned for each of the DL, UL, Ping, PKl, Jitter.

Graph Layouts

At the top of the "Graph Display Options" widnow there are 3 types of layout.

Standard Graph Layout.

The default layout is a single Y axis for both the download and the upload, these are measured against the left hand side axis (Mb/s)

The Ping, Packet loss & Jitter is measured against the right hand side axis Y2 (ms).

The Packet loss uses the top of the graph to represent 100%

Double Axis Layout.

The double axis has separate axis for the download and the upload. The ping etc is measured on the right hand side axis.

Triple Graph Layout.

The Triple Graph splits the graph area into 3 and uses the top for the download, the middle for upload and the bottom for the ping/pktloss/jitter.

Axis Control

To get each individual axis control just click on the axis itself, so if you want the upload axis control then click on the upload axis.

You can set either "Auto Scale" which will keep the axis scaled to the max value in the current data set or if you un-tick the auto scale you can set your own max value in the input box at the top.

The quick zoom is just so you can zoom temporarily & quickly.

"Apply settings to Av Graph" only shows on the download and upload axis control. It forces the "Average download speed graph" to use the maximum settings you set here.

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