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This section enables you to have a remote computer that is collecting test data to send you email notifications. It could in theory be used to send automated emails to your ISP when your service is worse than your specified values (this has been asked for by several people in the past) but personally i would not advise using it in this way.

Send To :- Email address

Use this top section to set up your communications. set the email address you want to have the notification email sent to.

Set personal email header

Add a personal message to the top of the notification emails.

SMTP Server

The SMTP server name you wish to use as the sending SMTP (if your not sure check the web for how to set up outlook or thunderbird for use with your email account)

The rest of setting up the outgoing SMTP should be self explanatory.

Test Email

This will send a test email to your current "send to email address" using your current SMTP setting. This is mainly to help you make sure your SMTP setup is correct.

Schedule Email

You can set up JDast to either send you an email every X days, this could be for example every Monday & Friday of each week or every 3 weeks on Tuesdays.

You can not set up multiple days if you set it to more than every 1 week (it will just use the first day).

Entering "0" in the "Every Weeks" box will turn off this function.

Threshold communications

This section enables you to have a notification email sent if either your download speed or upload speed drop below a specified value for a specified number of testing cycles (tests).

Include Failed or empty tests

The user can choose if they want to include failed tests as valued at 0 for the purposes of checking if previous tests are below the user set threshold level.

No more than 1 email every X hours

e.g If set to 3 then you will not get more than 1 threshold notification in a 3 hour period.

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