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Averages of Data Set

This enables you to see what your download or upload speeds look like when averaged out for each hour over the course of either :-

Using your set period of time it will pick out all the data points for each hour and then find the average for all the download/upload speed tests done during that hour. The black bars show the maximum and minimum values in each hour. The coloured oval marks are each individual test result & the square box's are the average value for that hour. The number inside the square box is the average download/upload speed (Mb/s). The colour represents how good / bad each value is i.e. Green=Good, Red=Bad

The buttons in the top right corner enables you to choose to show either the download or upload data.

The blue "DP's" line of numbers represents the number of data-points used for each hours average.

If you click on the blue Hour boxes at the bottom of the graph it will show a pop up window with a list of all the test results used for that hours average.

Quick Averages Info

Clicking the "AvData" button on the main graph window will pop up the basic averages window.

The basic averages is the average speed ( Mb/s ), both upload and download, of your results that have been taken.

The values of these averages are coloured to show how they compare to your maximum measured value. Green=best Red=worst.

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