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Correct as of version 17.9

With this program you can perform regular internet tests either manually or ,as the name applies automatically. Tests are logged and graphed which enables you to see at a glance what your speeds are doing over the course of the hour/day/week/month/year.

What can JDast do

Download tests

Upload tests

Ping/Packet loss/Jitter

Other abilities

The memory usage i have managed to get down to < 2MB whilst in "sleep" mode (in tray) or whilst window is inactive so a small footprint.

I hope it works well for anyone who is interested and if you have any suggestions or have found a bug then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Other Important Info:

This software has been built on an windows administrator user account. Running it on a limited user account may work, however there are no guarantees with this.

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